Each season we include different crystal types and sizes. Autumn Collection: As the seasons transition, many plant owners bring their green companions indoors. The Autumn Collection is tailored for indoor potted plants. It includes various top covers that aid in precise watering and provide essential pest control measures, ensuring your indoor garden thrives during this transition. Winter Collection: In regions where outdoor growth may be limited, the Winter Collection comes to the forefront. It’s centered around water propagation—an evergreen method of nurturing new plants. Our products provide an ideal environment for the growth of plant cuttings in water, making it perfect for propagating new green life year-round. Spring Collection: With the arrival of spring and its promise of renewed growth, the Spring Collection focuses on delivering essential nutrients. Our watering stones provide both macro and micro nutrients vital for the growing season. Additionally, ground covers are included to protect new sprouts from pests and birds, ensuring your plants flourish. Summer Collection: As the world comes alive in the summer, the Summer Collection caters to larger outdoor gardens. It offers a comprehensive array of supplies, providing a little of everything you might need to maintain your garden’s health and beauty during the growing season.

At Root Candy, our collections are named after the seasons create an aesthetic and thematic connection for plant care and ideas. They can be used interchangeably throughout the year, catering to a variety of plant care needs. Each box contains a thoughtful combination of essential items, including watering stones, ground cover, and macro and micro nutrient stones.

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International customers will pay a flat rate $21 and you are responsible for any duties or taxes your country may impose.

We do! International customers will pay a flat rate $21 and you are responsible for any duties or taxes your country may impose.

Yes, Root Candy products are safe for various types of plants, catering to the needs of both indoor and outdoor greenery. However, they are not ideally suited for novice plant owners due to the care and precision required in plant feeding methods. Root Candy offers a specialized approach to plant nutrition, and while it can significantly benefit your plants, it’s essential to use our products with care and attention, especially if you’re new to plant care. Our products, such as the seasonal collections, provide a unique and effective way to nourish your plants with macro and micro nutrients, promoting their growth, health, and aesthetics. Seasoned plant enthusiasts and experienced gardeners often find our offerings valuable for enhancing the vitality of their plants. If you’re new to plant care, we recommend familiarizing yourself with basic plant care practices before venturing into specialized feeding methods. As you gain more experience and confidence in plant care, Root Candy can become a valuable ally in your plant care journey, helping you take your green companions to the next level of health and beauty

At Root Candy, we understand that not all of our products are tailored for beginners, but we’re committed to making the learning process as smooth as possible for plant enthusiasts of all experience levels. Our seasonal collections, while designed to cater to various plant care needs, come with detailed instructions that are invaluable, especially for those new to plant care. Each collection box includes step-by-step guidance, ensuring that you have a clear roadmap for product usage. These instructions provide essential tips on when and how to use items like watering stones, ground cover, and macro and micro nutrient stones. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting on your plant care journey, our instructions are designed to help you understand the intricacies of plant care quickly and effectively. For beginners, the guidance within our collections serves as an educational resource, empowering you to learn essential plant care techniques and methods. Over time, you’ll not only see the results in your flourishing plants but also gain confidence in your plant care abilities. We’re here to support you in every step of your plant care journey, and our collections are a valuable tool to help you cultivate beautiful and healthy greenery.

Sourcing the material is a world wide endeavor. Root-Candy sources from ethical operations and primarily from family run mines and collections. Access within the lapidary world give us the ability to bring gemstone quality minerals to your soon to be posh plants.

Sure, you can find little bottles of plant food at discount stores or can boost potassium by making banana tea, but would you display them in a centerpiece during dinner parties? Would guests toast your superb taste of bottles of decomposed fish? We think not. We wouldn’t be surprised, however, if your bonsai top-dressed with glowing yellow opal isn’t the decor everyone asks about. You can always part with one or two tiny pieces if anyone actually begs.

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