Guam Marriage Traditions

Traditional Guam Marriage Traditions

The Chamorro people of Guam have a unique history of matrilineal societies online dating safety tips and marriage traditions. guam woman Many of these techniques have changed and are at this time different from many found in the us, but they even now remain extremely important to the Chamorro culture.

Weddings in past times typically involved three unique stages. The first was called the mamaisen saina, which included a visiting with the family group elders within the couple to get married.

In this meeting, the few would validate their intent to marry and produce plans for that pre-wedding service (fandanggo). The groom’s fandanggo was more traditional than the bride’s and included family and friends of the groom.

After the fandanggo, a komplimentu (appreciation journey) occured to the bride’s house where the groom’s relatives would present gift items and dowry to the star of the event. This was completed show understanding and honor the newest bride and also to motivate her for preparing for the marriage marriage ceremony the following day.

The komplimentu was a very special occasion and usually consisted of music and performances. It absolutely was also a approach to strengthen the family’s location in the kin and neighborhood.

Today, many Guam relationships do not observe these classic traditions. Alternatively, many lovers choose to live collectively before their marriages, delay the ceremony until they’re ready to be hitched, and in some cases basically marry without any faith based affiliation. Often , these families include their loved ones in the process employing an officiant who shows the couple’s ideals.

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